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on Saturday, 29 June 2013. Posted in Corral, Blog & News, Richard Rumble

Written by Richard Rumble

Well now. I guess I should first start by apologising for any grammatical, semantical or spelling errors in anything I write, because there will be a few, but welcome to my first blog anyway!
I am going to be honest and say that this first blog of mine is more for me than anyone out there to read as I need to get use to how to actually work this site through the rules that Mr. Baverstock has set us. Though that isn't to say there won't be anything worth reading in this... though it will probably be me rabbiting on for a few more paragraphs about nothing in particular. I can assure you though, that my next blog will actually be of some relivence to the outside world.
NEW PARAGRAPH! ok, I am getting hte hang of it, though nowing me, I'll mess it somewhere on this little admin page.
So, it's summer now and boiling outside so naturally I am sitting in my dar bedroom with the curtains pulled shut as I speak to myself online. What else would I be doing with my life right? Right. Though I do look forward to getting back to Lincoln in the next month or so to start more projects with the Rodeo that we have lined up, so make sure you keep your eyes and ears on this site or Facebook, or Twitter... or YouTube. You know, at least one of the many social media sites we have set up for us! Incidently, if you are going to be coming to Lincoln this year, you will probably be able to find us plodding around campus on a daily basis and even maybe some fresher events (if you are lucky).
Ok enough of me now! Peace out, mother-truckers.

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