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Adam Harding
Adam Harding (Ha!) is the punniest little s**t in AWKOR. Seriously, his puns actually cause seizures and worlds to collapse. It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't make them all the time, although sometimes he funnels the wit into 'alright' jokes (not very often...).

He's one of the odd ones out in the group by not being a media student, instead choosing to be the resident biologist. If AWKOR has a query about whether or nor something is about to give them a debilitating and punful death, Adam usually tries his best to reassure them. Usually.

When he's being productive, his attention usually lies at subtle comedy (ie The Neighbour or Tea Anyone?) but sometimes he can think of a weird gag-filled escapade (The Neighbour), or PC gaming. The latter is usually a concern, as if he plays Battlefield he makes most look like little babies, or if he plays Leagues of Legends he treats people like them (sometimes he actually enjoys himself, but that might be the Aussie booze he enjoys so much..)

His partner in crime/insanity/"s**t they're coming" is Dan, and the general rule of thumb is to keep calm and let them get on with it. His other partner in crime/responsibility is Tom A, alongside his fellow non-media-student Todd, and then there's his other... You know what, he's just there for everyone, and if there's an issue he'll do his best to help (unless he's asleep).