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Dan Hipwell
Dan is a media student studying at the University of Lincoln, aiming to specialise mostly in editing and some acting work. He is easy going and friendly, always up for trying something new and learning anything he can about film making, especially to do with technology and/or software.

Hobbies include making youtube videos, climbing, gaming, reading and watching films, and struggles when it comes to writing this sort of spiel. Don't judge him!

Seriously, this one time he tried to set up a religion worshiping the Lord of the Pineapple, got two and a half devoted followers and one heretic worshiping a mellon before the whole thing fell apart due to people thinking it was stupid and he couldn't convince them due to his robot army still being under construction... Come to think of it, he's trying to make a robot that will write better biographies, "trying" being the best word. Look at this. You're gonna give up reading this in your voice soon and substitute it for a completely different voice.

See? He's smarter than you don't look. This is why he's a HyperCookie!