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Granby Limb
Born in 1993, Granby Limb is just a guy who likes to make stuff when he feels like it. This varies from filmmaking, to drawing, acting, writing, trying to animate, and whatever else takes his fancy from one moment to the next. He has a broad range of creative interests, which have developed over the years as he tries to decide what he wants to do and then can’t pick. The phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ comes to mind. That’s not exactly a good selling point, but he’s willing to have a go at a lot of things. Mostly.

That’s probably why he was attracted to the Media Production course at the University of Lincoln. Although having finished his first year, he still doesn’t know what he wants to do in life. When he was a child, he once said he wanted to be an artist (he has since changed the definition to mean ‘make whatever I feel like and somehow get paid’), and he is determinedly continuing down that route of never having a real job. It’s working so far. Granby joined AWKOR when he met Wade in his workshop group at university, and things didn’t really change from there. To be perfectly honest he hasn’t done a lot yet, but he is hoping to change that in the future and does help out when needed.

He is passionate about a lot of things, but indifferent about an equal number of other things. If you hadn’t noticed, he doesn’t like to give overly concrete definitions to these ‘things’, and he takes a long time to make decisions. In the coming year(s) he hopes to increase his creative output, though we’ll see how that works out in actuality. Furthermore, he’s had more than enough of writing about himself in the third person, it’s weird and a little existential.