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Written by Liam Gittins

Let me first start by introducing myself. I’m Liam Gittins, the youngest and Welshest member of ‘A Weird Kind of Rodeo’. Everything I know about film making I have learnt from the wonderful people in this group as before University I had never used a DSLR before… or made a film. The only thing I knew how to do was voice acting, which I’m quite proud of. I will be posting here regularly on AWKOR updates and what we have coming up. Until then, let me tell you of the first year we spent in University together.
As the AWKOR website is nearing its completion, Wade has asked us to start writing a blog for it. This was something I took interest in this as I did blogging in my AS/A level years of Media Studies (feel free to check it out here), so returning to the blogging scene is something I found pretty easy. As the end of my first year of university is now upon me I thought I would dedicate my first blog post on the AWKOR website to my first year at University and share my thoughts on how it went overall.
I was pretty worried going to Lincoln as it would be the first time I would be living outside of Wales but still I went and by my second day of University I had already become friends with current AWKOR members; Richard Rumble & Tom Burlinson.
Over the course of the first semester and freshers week, I met more people who became AWKOR members. Even in the beginning we all knew that we wanted to make something during our time in Uni. Though it got off to a slow start, that thing became A Weird Kind of Rodeo.
Though we established ‘A Weird Kind of Rodeo’ back in mid-October, we didn’t create anything with it until later in the year as we needed to learn to manage time and not focus on AWKOR more than our University work, it’s best to note that if nothing comes from AWKOR for an extended period of time, it’s usually because we have been swamped with other work and don’t have the time to put the amount of care and work we want to put in each video.

In second semester we picked up the pace and became the ‘A Weird Kind of Rodeo’ you guys know today. We started creating content when we could and being more organised. We also redesigned our radio show from its previous ‘Jeremiah Show’ to the current ‘The Night Light’. So the first semester was our time of learning and our second semester was our time of doing.
The work I do with AWKOR is what really made my first year at University great. AWKOR is pretty much just a group of friends creating content it’s all just good fun and as our first year ends, we have so much ready for second year and we’re already working on projects leading all the way to October. I can’t wait.
Here’s to an awesome upcoming year.

Liam Gittins (MrGseff)

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