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Richard Rumble
Richard Rumble (September 29th 1991) is a happy and fairly easy going guy who is known for his inability to distinguish certain colours and shades from one another and yet can still solve a Rubik's Cube (Hence his nickname Rubix).

Now a member of AWKOR (A Weird Kind Of Rodeo), Richard is known for pushing the other members of the group to keep on track and even doccument and archive everything they have done, often leading him to be told he'd make a good producer... which he is, of The Night Light which airs on Brayford Radio.

Richard's love of Acting and the art of Filmmaking fused together during his years growing up, and although Acting is still where he feels most at home and enjoys, he has branched into the area of Media Production to help develope his skills both behind and infront of the camera. Over the years Richard has done a variety of Media and Drama based things (especially during his gap year) like filming short films with the production teams In Translation and Motion Blur, or being an extra in films and TV shows such as Fast 6, Thor 2 and Derren Brown: Apocalypse.

Some of Richards greatest influences are Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, Alan Rickman, Joss Whedon and Dawn Pajovic (His former LAMDA tutor), which he tries to capture in most of the things he makes along with trying to develope his own sense and style for film.

Despite being one very socially awkward butterfly, he is delighted to talk to anyone and one of his favorite things to do is talent scout and build connections to help himself and others get to places they want.