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Todd Parsons
Todd Parsons is an 18 year old psychology student at the University of Lincoln, but please don't ask him to psychoanalyse you. Seriously, it's the most annoying thing. Like, he's an undergrad. That's LITERALLY decades away from being qualified to practise psychiatry. He's not even learning to be a psychiatrist! He's learning to be a psychOLOGIST. That's research, buddy. No therapy. Well maybe some therapy, if he's researching therapy... Or if he goes mad. Which is very likely if people keep asking him to psychoanalyse them.

Anyway, more importantly, Todd has identified as a nerd as long as he can remember; proudly boasting a collection of over 120 of the first 150 pokémon cards, as well as ownership of every pirate-themed character and skin on League Of Legends, knowledge of the lores of Middle Earth and Westeros greater than his knowledge of history or geography and the ability to play Pikachu on SSBB better than ANYONE. Hear that, Liam? ANYONE!

This led Todd to meeting and eventually joining the AWKOR team, through his first year flatmate Dan Hipwell and current housemate Tom Atherton. Before AWKOR, Todd had been involved in various creative projects, largely related to media but some utilising his graphic ability, having learnt to use Adobe Photoshop from a young age, but AWKOR is the first large-scale creative project he's been involved in.



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